Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prayers / Good Vibes in need...

One of our contributors, Grant Donaldson of Austin, TX, had a serious accident while riding dirt bikes out in California.

He's stable and recovering but will be sedated in the ICU out in San Diego for about a month. Whatever you do, send those thoughts and prayers his way.

The good boys at Vise Grip have already made sure his wife and little boy have anything they need.

For any monetary donations...

You can make a deposit online through a linked Paypal account here or make a direct deposit through any Wells Fargo branch.

Acct Name: The Grant Donaldson Trust
Acct Number: 3804734105 (Use name: Tracy Morehead)

To track Grant's progress follow the link here

Also, here's a link to a facebook group with more info.

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