Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some good Austin joints

Well here is an attempt to point you in another direction... if you are burning up the streets in our town and need to quench your thirst or gap your plugs. An attempt to be a part of something bigger than myself (Thank you FTWCO). Not to mention an attempt to be "Bound for Glory" thru t-shirts and stickers (The only form of gratitude I would accept). I'll start with one of my old favorites the Horseshoe Lounge. If you have ever lived in South Austin or hung out round here you know it. Great shuffleboard and cold Lone Star all the time. No link to a site since they don't have one but it's on South Lamar just north of Olotorf on the West side of the street.

One more good spot will bring you to The Red Shed Tavern. Check out the site for history but legend has it that this was the southern most stage coach stop in or out of Austin. http://www.redshedtavern.com/ They got a great slice of pizza pie if you need to fill up your tank.

Last but not least is The Jackalope. Well if you are screamin around down town go and get it. There are some nice scooters out front sometimes and the beer is real cold. http://www.jackalopebar.com/

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  1. i love the jackalope. bill and jeff always treat us well. another 6th street area bar that's ultra bike friendly is lovejoy's on neches. the daytime bartenders are cool (marcello rides an old jawa) but the evening 'tenders tend to be asses.

    on the other side of the 35 down 6th there's liberty. tell terry (huge doorman with nerd glasses and a thousand tats) i said he's gay and thanks for the shot at jackalope this week. other west 6th spots that are good are shangri la and rio rita.

    haven't been to the horseshoe in years. gonna have to make it back soon.

    ego's down congress is cool in the afternoons with the old timers until it becomes a karaoke bar.